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Classified Advertising on MILWEB is easy and successful
but in case you need some help here are some frequently asked questions

When will my Classified Advert appear?
MILWEB is a full time commercial operation and during office hours adverts are normally processed within a few hours.
At weekends and outside office hours, we normally process them the next working day. Badly written and incomplete adverts may be delayed. Please do not submit your advert in Upper Case (capital letters) as this will certainly delay it's appearance.
Your advertising period will run from the date the advert appears.
Why is my Classified Advert is at the bottom of the page?
The latest picture adverts sit at the top of the page.
Text adverts sit, in descending date order, underneath the oldest picture advert in each category. Picture adverts are paid for and of course should have the highest exposure.
What size picture do I need?
In a perfect world we would like all pictures sent to us in 72dpi resolution and 640 x480 pixels. However we do manually check and resize all pictures before they are displayed.
I am having difficulty uploading the picture
We can only accept JPEG and GIF format pictures and our system ignores all other file types.
If the image is large – eg over 1mb, it can cause the connection between your pc and our server to time out. So please resize your picture.
Why have you rejected my Classified Advert and are asking me to resubmit it with a picture?
MILWEB is committed to giving our advertisers the best possible service.
This includes including picture adverts wherever possible – which are proven to produce significantly better results. In some categories they are mandatory.
The free text adverts are subject to our criteria and we reserve the right to insist on a picture advert, a WEBVERT (full page display advert with up to 6 pics) or a payment for a text only advert where a picture is unavailable.
Why has my Classified Advert for a blank firing or replica weapon been rejected?
Because of the current UK legislation of the sale of such items, in that category MILWEB will only accept adverts for UK legal items, from UK based sellers.
My vehicle or item is sold - how do I cancel my Classified Advert?
Please let us know using the Contact Us page – make sure you tell us what the advert is for and use the E- mail address included in the advert.
The buyer wants to send me a cheque for a much larger amount so I can pay the shipper
STOP! Don’t even think about accepting!
This is called an “Advance Fee Fraud” and it’s a popular source of income for many African crooks, predominantly Nigerians.
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